In Georgia

Hi all,

I have arrived in GA after stopping in Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina, I am staying put for the next few days.  Praise the Lord for the sun shine!  I spent the whole day yesterday (8 hours) pool side.  Made about 10 phone calls, did some reading and journaling in between quick dips in the pool.   I am with my roommate from Moody and love just spending time with her.  Just watching her live is an encouragement to me.  She loves people and will have such good, meaningful conversations with people.  God has given her a beautiful gift and she uses is for His glory.

Please pray:

I will be speaking at two churches on Sunday.  They are about 6 hours apart from each other so pray that I do not hit any traffic!!

Pray for many new partners.

Pray for my health.  I started of the trip with a little head cold that has cleared up quite a bit but I am not back to normal yet.

Pray for focus on where I am, that I can be 100% present.  Not thinking about future or the past or people who are not around me.  I want to be with the people I am with and live in the moment.

Praise God that I have had two more verbal committed partners this week!!!  Yeah!  Thank you Lord!

Praise God that I have so many wonderful people to stay with, visit with, and learn from.

Please pray for me as God is teaching me a lot about insecurities in my life.  I am leaning harder and harder into Him each day.  Pray that that continues!