…And then the kicker, we realized my visa was for one year but it started on there that I will have to leave the country after three months and be gone for three months! This was a surprise because laws changed in Sep. starting someone could get this visa, leave and re-enter as soon as they get the new visa… It is all very confusing but what it boils down to is that I will most likely be paying a visit to my colognes in Ukraine sometime in March for a three month stay. :). But that’s cool. I’ll be able to continue my language studies anyway.
So I’m sure this is way more than anyone has time to care about but that’s just a little peak into what documentation is like here. Russians say,if you get one thing done a day, it was a good day. So, it was a good day.

I also bought something and instead of just giving a big bill I gave almost exact change!
I also rode a bus (with a friend) and walked from the apartment I will be moving into this week back to my friends apartment all by my self (I’m a big kid now ­čÖé

Thank you for your prayers, pray for my health, my thought is so close to getting a cold it’s not even funny and next week we go to youth retreat so I don’t want to be sick.

Merry Christmas and good night.

Welcome to Russia

Today my friend (Jenni) and I went to go begin the long process of applying for a temporary residency visa. It seamed like we drove to the other side of the city before we got to a small parking lot and went inside an official sort of building. After being directed to a corridor and speaking with a lady behind a desk Jenny told me I needed to be registered before I can continue this process.
Russia likes to know where people are. Even Russians have to registrar the,selves in a city if they go visit more than seven days I think.
So, we went and picked up another friend (David) to help my registrar. After going to one police station and one post office that were randomly closed on Mondays (no, it is not because it’s Christmas Eve) Russians don’t celebrate Christmas the same time that Americans do) we found a post office that was open! But the lady inside didn’t have the right paperwork for us and told us we were too late, I needed to register three days after being in the country. We finally found a post office that had the paperwork and said I was right on time, I did have five days to register. As David and Jenni filled out two documents that were exactly the sample I looked on helplessly. (I hear it is going to take a few months before I feel like and adult again… If I ever did to begin with;).

Church Today


Lost of singing, lots of Russian, and then lots of food. It was a good morning. I love singing in Russian.
When the music started I teared up. Music is like slave for my soul. words or no (or words i don’t understand) it is such a blessing from my Shepherd! I didn’t know most of what I was singing but it didn’t really matter. Whatever was coming out of my mouth was to The Lord and from my heart.

One biblical word I learned today is the word for Shepard. It is paster. Cool hu?