A village visit

After an hour metro ride, a 2 hours electric train ride, a little standing around and waiting, and a short marshrootka ride, I walked through an iron gate to see a little babooshka sitting at her summer kitchen waiting for us. She greeted us with her deeply ingrained smile and ushered us into the dacha.

Upstairs were two big rooms (one for the girls and one for the boy) and a small room for storage. We dropped our stuff and returned down stares for dinner.

The daughter of the babooshka was preparing potato and mushroom veroniki. We had them ready in no time and sat down to a feast of fresh veggies and veroniki. I sat next to Babooshka and she told me not to be afraid of her. I wasn’t afraid but I know why they put me next to here. She is quite insistent that I never stop eating, ever! ­čÖé
The next day my friends and I took a walk in the fresh country air.

Along they way where blackberry trees, wild cherry trees, big colorful wild flowers and fields and fields of green grass. I had never seen this side of Ukraine before, I am in love. When we returned to the dacha I helped gather the last bit of strawberry a this season. Surrounded by fresh food that you can just pick and eat as you go on a walk or hang out in your yard! This is where I would live if I could.
This babooshka lives here all alone and is bent over from the years of hard work. She is a woman who loves God and her huge family. And she has spunk, she reminded me of my grandma. She didn’t always understand what the young people were talking about but she would come out with these random things that got us all laughing.
It was a great way to spend my last weekend in Ukraine

At Borispal

I am waiting at my gate and preparing to settle down and read a good book for the next few hours. I got a cab ride to Borispal airport this morning. My cab driver was from Lebanon and has a PHD in economics, but Ukraine does not recognize his degree so, he gets to drive me to the air port. We spoke in Russian mostly. He said it is not good for Christians like him in Lebanon. I then felt free to tell him why I am here and that I want to work in the church in Russia and help people there. But then I said, “but I can’t help anyone, only God can.” He agreed. Our conversation was short because we were already pulling into the terminal. But I am so thankful for this divine appointment today! I am not sure if my cab driver knows Jesus so please pray for him.

I am flying to Northern Ireland to visit my college roommate who lives in Belfast. I will be there for six days returning to Ukraine next Tuesday. I had to make a three day trip out of Ukraine so I decided to extend it and have a little mini vacation. I am going to be surrounded by English in a few hours!!

Please pray that God will shine His love through me to those I get to see this week. Please pray for my foot, it has been bothering me, but I would really like to be able to explore Ireland without any problems. And also pray for safety as I travel.

Thank you all, I am being lifted up on your prayers! Know that I am praying for those I know to pray for. Let me know if there is anything I can bring to God for you.

Grace and Peace

Good by for a bit beautiful Ukraine!