It was a rainy day at camp and I was sitting in our tent with my girls while their counselor was giving the Bible lesson. One girl asked, “can you be a Christian and drink and smoke?” Right away the counselor answered, “No! Because if you are a Christian you love God and it is clear in the Bible that God hates those things. So if you are a Christian you can’t love what God hates.” That is basically how she answered as far as I understood. In my limited language I asked if I may add something. I said, “If we are Christians then the Holy Spirit lives in us, giving us victory over all sin. We still sin sometimes but it is not normal.” At least I think that’s what I said.
It is a very difficult thing to hear the swirl of language around you, try and pick up what they are saying, process whether or not they are in line with Scripture and then try and jump in with some truth before they move on to another subject. Many times I long to jump in and point the girls to God but by the time I figured out what they are talking about they are already onto a new topic of discussion. The few times I did jump in I had no idea if I was going to be able to finish my thought or if I would get stuck on some words and have to stop mid sentence. And so often I would say things a different way but I just didn’t know the words.
But you know what, it is such a blessing to just be a listener and a learner.