The Addiction of Settlers has invaded Russia

The Addiction of Settlers has invaded Russia

This weekend I had the blessing of returning to Transformation Christian Center. It is the building out in the woods where we hold camps and retreats. As soon as I stepped out of the car I felt so relaxed by the fresh air and woodsy smell. The team that works with the orphans were having a retreat there and I got to join them. I do not work with the orphans so that was not why I was there, I was there to watch my four little friends while their mom participated in the meetings. The Hutchcraft kids and I built a fort in the woods, played uno, watched Full House, played soccer… When there was free time the whole group of us played Settlers of Catan. For most of the group it was their first time, but after the first night everyone kept begging for more. I’m pretty sure we played four of five times in three days. The first night we had to play with partners because there was too many of us, so Kolya and I teamed up. If you remember, Kolya is a boy that lives with some of my friends off and on. The first week I lived in Russia, I lived with them and he was there too. Kolya is a kid with a big smile and a lot of ambition, please continue to pray for his salvation.
After the first night of playing together we remained partners the rest of the weekend, even when there were less people than we needed. And what a language learning time that was. If you have ever played the game you know it can get a little intense when people start asking for things from other players and you have to make a deal before another player buts in with a better offer. I learned the word for wheat, build, turn… it was intense but a really fun way to learn.