Be ready!

Today I went to a reunion for our rehab center. It has been open for three years and everyone was invited back to fellowship together. It was exciting to hear story after story of how God has changed lives. It was humbling to hear a few stories of struggle. One man got up and shared how he is back into drinking and asked for prayer. It is a very hard transition back into society after rehab.
As the night went on I was asked to house some ladies. They are a daughter of a pastor who works with the rehab and her friend. My first overnight Russian guests. Note to self, I need to buy some more pillows and some slippers! Praise the Lord for this apartment.


Little mix up…

If anyone who lives in Tambov reads this, I beg of you not to tell a soul!! Yesterday my friend, Tanya, asked me to teach her some techniques for better singing. I told her I could meet with here at around three. Today I wanted to confirm that we were still meeting so I went into my phone contacts and found Tanya. This was around 3 pm. Only there were two entrees for her because she has two phones. I called one of them and she answered but was in a noisy place and her voice echoed, so it was hard to understand. I asked her if we were still meeting today, she asked what time and I said whenever she could come, I just had to leave by 6. She asked where. Yesterday we had talked about singing at the church but today I thought it would be easier if we just meet in my apartment. I wasn’t sure if she would be comfortable singing in a place where our neighbors could hear so I asked her if she was comfortable working in my apartment. She said okay and asked me specifically what building number, floor and apartment number. This confused me because she had been to my apartment already, but, I figured she just wanted to be sure. At about 4, I waited for her outside because it was such a gorgeous day today. As I sat on the swing, enjoying the sun, I looked for her little red car. Then my phone rang and it was her, she said she was at my building and ringing my apartment but I wasn’t picking up. I looked over at my front door and saw… a woman from my church with her son standing at my building! I don’t even think her name is Tanya!
I had invited her over on accident and what a strange invitation it was!! Imagine getting a call from some girl from church whom you barely ever talk to and she says, “Are we going to meet today? Are you comfortable with working here? Whenever you can make it is fine but I have to leave at 6.” Oh dear… But what could I do? And they looked so happy to be here. So I led them up to my apartment doing my best to suppress a look of confusion and panic. I am so thankful I had some cookies and an apple on hand. I threw some water on the stove and cut up the apple. She said something about helping me with Russian so I took the opportunity to have her and her son help me with the grammar I am learning. All and all I think it went well and I really enjoyed having her over. I am so glad for this accident, I don’t think I would have invited her over otherwise. Now I would like to invite her over for real some time.
…by the way, my other friend, Tanya, never called. Which is what I was praying for the whole time while I was sitting with the other “Tanya.” I don’t know what I would say in English never mind trying to explain this in Russian!!
I am curiose, has anyone ever mixed something up like this?? Or am I the only one?? God and I had a good laugh about it afterwords (I think God was laughing during, but I held off till after they left). I hope you enjoy a good laugh too; just another day in the life of Amanda.