Okay, I have a long story to tell you but not sure if I have the energy to tell everything right now… This post might have to have a sequel.

First, the alarming part I need you all to keep in your prayers. Yesterday morning, around 9 am when it was still dark, one of my friends, Alesya, was hit by a car and broke her leg. I began praying of corse for healing and no infection but also for her heart, that she would not be discouraged. When I talked to her later on the phone she said, “…but at least it was only one leg!” So far she is doing well, just pray for safety and wisdom as she and her husband, make decisions about her care.

So that was Friday morning, the next day (today) was a wedding. The people getting married are very close with Alesya and her husband. And the groom and his friends were supposed to stay over at Alesya’s house. About 12 people were supposed to arrive on train or bus throughout the night. Beds needed to be made, dinner finished, breakfast set out and so on. So a few of us teamed together and got it done. The groom and his best man came in time for dinner and his friends trickled in as the night wore on.

Now friends, I have been in many weddings and many, many times, have spent the night before the wedding with the bride. But this is the first (and I would think the last) time I have spent the night before the wedding with the groom!! And, in the morning, I had the privilege of telling the groom he “had to eat breakfast” and to “sit down right know before photographer arrived!” It was like my little contribution to making sure the man had a good day.

To be continued…

Prayer request

Please pray for my energy level. I am sleeping well through the night but still yawn a lot during my lessons and my eyes burn like I’m tired. It could be because of lack of sun, but today was the first sunny day in a while and stillI was very tired the whole day.
Also, I am really frustrated by verbs of motion. I feel that they will be the death of me or my teacher. Thank The Lord for my teacher! She just smiles and says these are really hard to understand. And she gave me a hug the other day. Please pray for God to help me not be so tired and give me some understanding of how to use these crazy verbs of motion!!

I really need to update you all in what I have been up to the past two months. I will try and find time within the next few days.

Thank you for caring and praying!