Pray for Nikolai

I was speaking with my friend in English on a city bus. We always get looks, (for many reasons) but this time, the way the man across the isle kept peeking over, I could tell he wanted to talk to us. My friend got off at his stop, but I still had a few more stops before I was home. It took the man a few minutes but eventually he came over and asked if I was speaking English and were I was from. I told him and he began to practice his English with me and said he would like more practice. So I told him about our English club run by a bunch of Americans that live in this city. He gave me his name so I could befriend him on a Russian social network. When I got home I sent him the address and time of our the club.

A little over a month ago I learned that he had begun to attend English club on a regular basis! One of the men who teaches built a relationship with him and I believe has had him over as a guest. In one of our recent team meetings I heard that Nicolai seams to be showing interest in things of God.

This weekend, being Christ’s Resurrection celebration, our church put on a musical at 10pm Saturday night. At midnight the room rang with shouts of celebration as we called out, “Christ has risen!” and the congregation answered, “He is risen indeed!!” When we began to mingle and greet one another with this joyful greeting who did I see but Nicolai! Later on, at noon on resurrection Sunday, we had another service followed by a time of fellowship. And again he was there!

Please pray for those of us here, that the Holy Spirit will give us wisdom and boldness to say and ask what is needed. Also pray for Nicolai that God will continue to soften his heart and bring him to Himself.