Fear of Men

Asking wisdom from godly friends is so important. Following their advice has been difficult but I know it is wise. So I have been trying to be faithful in following their wisdom.

But I realized that it had begun to turn into fearing men. Deep down in my heart I would wonder if my friends saw me acting this way would they approve? Would they think I was following their advice? It was steeling my joy and freedom in Christ. I realized that my actions should not change (I do not need to stop following their advice), but my heart, somewhere deep inside, had to change. I needed to call myself out on fearing men and live a godly, holy life blameless before God.

Praise The Lord, He gave me opportunity to clearly see this in my heart this week. I acted in a way that was not according to the wise advice I had received and was convicted to apologize to our camp leader. I purposed in my heart that the first time I saw him in the morning I would tell him. I saw him, and hesitated, but praise The Lord my feet just started taking steps towards him. Before I knew it I was standing before Igor and offering my apology. And as God’s grace would have it, turned out that Igor did not say that he disapproved of what I had done. Even so I knew my heart had been wrong before The Lord but it proved to me that I am not to fear how men view me. I am to stand before God in blamelessness. This does not mean I should not apologize for wrongs I do before men, but my motivation is not to gain approval, it is to remain right before God. Does that make sense? Anyway, it’s a little hard blessing that God has been teaching me during the past camp.

Here is a picture from the Lipetsk children’s camp, with the theme of Alice in Wonderland. My ministry was crafts, teaching English Bible songs, doing English club, and trying to serve the staff whenever I could.
Please pray for the upcoming Yezidi children’s camp.
– team unity
– health and energy
– creativity and clarity as we teach the Word
– salvation and spiritual growth of the children