Grandma Loobov (love)

It was a wet, cold day in November and Lisa (my roommate) and I were headed to the hospital. We entered the campus and made our way to the last building in the first line. After handing in our coats to the coat check (because they are dirty from outside) we put on our plastic shoe coverings called bahili. Off we went to the corridor and were met with a nearly suffocating stench of medicine and other such things (not sure what all the smells were, not sure I want to know). There was no front desk or anyone to ask where our friend’s grandma was so Lisa tried to remember from her visit the day before. As we waited for the elevator (lift) to the second flour we wondered if the four people waiting would fit in the regular sized elevator. We all squashed in, with Lisa and I stuck in the back and us exciting first, of course. After wandering around the second floor for a few minutes we peeked our heads into a little room and found the tired smile of Sergei. He has been sitting with his adopted grandmother all week. Feeding her through a tube, running after nurses for medicine and changing her pampers. His adopted mom had come once the day before but pregnant with twins and often in a drunken state, she can not be bothered with caring for her mom. So Sergei has asked for help, because he can not sit with grandma Looba twenty-four seven. There is no bed or food for him here. He needs his rest, he already has a bad cough. So Lisa and I came in, wide eyed and nervous. Sergei showed Lisa how to give babushka Looba water through her tube and to hold her hand so she wouldn’t pull out the injection. As Sergei was leaving I handed him a bag of food insisting that he eat. He kind of promised and went off to his doctors appointment for the cough.

Looba had a stroke and is left without speech and strength. I believe the three other grandmas in the room have suffered from the same thing. We have a husband sitting with his wife, a woman who looks very healthy actually, and the third one (with purple hair) has a nurse that her family pays to sit with her.
A nurse just came in to put needles into babushka Looba’s stomach while she was sleeping. Lisa had to hold the cotton over the poke when she was done, I guess it saves on bandaids or tape.
Please pray for  grandma Looba that she would regain strength and be able to go home. Pray for my church that people would come and care for this dear boy and his grandma. And pray for Sergei to understand the love God has for him and accept Jesus’s free gift of holiness and receive an amazing relationship with The Lord.