An unfolding dream!

The thrill of watching something begin!  The excitement of being a part of a huge dream unfolding!  This fall God has put the pieces in place for a new ministry to slowly peak its head out of our dreams.  The ideas wiz around as volunteers from our orphan ministry team plan the beginnings of a drop in center for graduated orphans.  We hope to provide classes to help the orphans develop life skills.  Or desire is that the relationship we build with the children in our orphan ministry will be a bridge for them when they come out of the orphanage.  We want them to know we love them and have trust already established.

We are praying for:

Finances (for more information visit Hope and Help to Orphans.)

What elements to involve in the program.

A convenient and neutral location


Our friends to accept the love and salvation of Christ!

Thank you for your prayers!


Praise the Lord for a great retreat we had!  Orphan ministry teams from three different cities got together to encourage and share experiences with one another.  I think we all came away with new passion to care for our children.

One thought on “An unfolding dream!

  1. Good morning! How wonderful to be having the vision unfold. I will be praying for all provisions to have this center up and operational. May He receive glory! Also praying for you, strength, sustanance and relief from back issues.


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