Me- “What is your name?”

Thai woman- “One.”

Me (confused)-“what is your first name?”

Thai woman-“One.”

OH!!  Her name is One!  I met One at a small church plant in Thailand.  She and her husband imagebring a car-load of children every week and over lunch I began asking how she new the Lord and why did she love serving Him so much.

When she was a teenager she was studying to be a budist nun.  She dressed all in white and learned the different prayers by heart.  One day she met a woman who told her that Jesus was the savior of the world.  This foreigner spoke Thai and One began to wonder why was this message so important that a person would study her people language to tell it.  Around this time One saw a church and noticed that there was a cross on the building.  She wondered what the cross meant.  As One visited more with the foreign missionary God began answering her questions about life and Himself.  She began to study the Bible in a small group, then after a little while started going to church.  So she accepted God but was still practicing Budism and worshiping at the temple.  Finally the missionary told her that a person can not serve two opposing things.  She had to choose!  So she chose Jesus.

At school when all the children bowed to the idle she was the only one that stayed upright.  Her teacher was so surprised and alarmed.  She asked One why and One told her that she found the God that can hear, speak, and move and she did not need any other god.  The teacher began to cry and try and change One’s mind but it was no use.  One said that she has the best God and she will not give Him up.  After that she began to receive poor grades in school.  Although her father and uncle are leaders in the budist temples she was not excommunicated from her family.  But she really loves them and wanted them to know God.

Know she and her husband hold Bible studies for the children in their village and pray that they will accept the good news of the gospel.

Maybe  some of you are confused.  “I thought you lived in Russia.”  Your saying.  I am still living in Russia.  My mission sent me to Thailand for a month for some training and meetings.  I returned home last week and am happy to see that here November is white and crystal!

Happy thanksgiving to all and a merry Christmas!