Just in time for breakfast the little band I picked up from the bus stop and I crept into Katie’s home.  As we took off our coats and boots we quietly greeted each other with sleepy “good mornings”.  Katie’s boys had just woke up and the little boy that came with me was staring in awe at his new saroundings.  His mother got him settled and we all went into the kitchen.  Sitting around the family table, Katie gave us all some kasha and we began our breakfast.  It was quiet, but comfortable.  I had seen Katie almost every day this week and have become very comfortable with her.  But this morning we didn’t gather to plan for youth group or talk about camps, the three of us women decided that we needed time for our own encouragement.  So Weser time aside for our Spiritual growth, and God made it even better.

As we began our Bible study I understood that the children were not being ushured out of the room.  This was Katie way, she includes her boys in everything she does.  It is such a blessing to see.  So we began our study on Psalms 139.  When I asked my 7 year old friend if he would read outloud with us, I was answered with a big grin and an enthusiastic nod.  He did such a good job and in between thinking about the verses and the lesson I thought how interesting that I read worse than a seven year old (in Russian).  

I began asking questions and as we all answered together and wrote things down and read more verses I saw a consistent smile on my little friends face.  We learned who God is, and how he sees us and how we are to respond to this.  

The best part for me was during the time that we took prayer requests.  I asked everyone if they had anything we could pray about.  The grinning seven year old piped up and said, “I am so glad we have this group!  And God knows us and made us!”  What a joy it was to see the adults and children alike find this treasure in God’s Word.  

2 thoughts on “Treasure 

  1. AMEN for His Word! It’s so encouraging to see that the 7 year old gave praises for it!

    Hope all is well with you.

    Nancy turner

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