Got it!

It was the last day of camp.  The quest that had taken the campers through the woods and into the basement seeking clues to find the source of friendship, had finally lead them to their final destination with all the resources for success.  Each team had a long piece of thin rope with a hook at the end and were surrounding a pot full of soda and snickers bars just out of reach.  The pot was in the ground most of the way and the campers were kept back by large piles of wood and caution tape.  The young men running this station explained that the campers task was to lift the bucket out of the ground straight up and only then would they find the source of friendship.  Their clue was “a three-fold cord is not quickly broken.” So what do you think the counselors did?  Of course, they said to their team, “we can do this on our own! Then we’ll have all the sweets to ourselves!”  It was so neat to see how the children first followed their counselor’s advice but then when they saw that the bucket kept tipping over they realized that they needed to work together.  One little girl standing near by kept shouting, “Don’t you guys understand?!  The theme of the camp is Friends for Life!  We need to work together and help each other or we will all lose!”  All three teams eventually decided to work together.  They threw all three hooks around the buckets handle, and 1, 2, 3…  The pot began to come out of the ground!

I pray that this camp has a lasting impact on the life of the children from our church.  I pray that our church grows in love and care for one-another!