Amanda is a missionary to Russia:

Where: Tambov, Russia; about 400 miles South, East of Moscow

When:  I will serve the church in Russia as long as God keeps me there.  My first term is intended to last 4 years.  So I will return to the states for a 5 and a half month home service in 2016.

How:  I am going to work on a team from SEND International.  Send staff is caring for my finances and providing expertise in Russia.  I am sent by churches and individuals all over the states who’s desire it is to see the gospel spread in Russia.

What:  For the first two years in Russia I will be dedicating all of my time to language and cultural study.  Following this season, I desire to be involved in women’s discipleship and music ministry.  My team is working with Russians to equip them to go plant churches and work ourselves out of jobs.

Why:  As a young girl I knew that God loved me but I didn’t have a personal relationship with Him.  I wanted to really know this God who loves me.  Scripture says that Jesus died to pay for my sins, and rose from the dead to give me new life.  I asked Jesus to forgive me and save me.  At that moment Jesus became my savior and the Holy Spirit began changing me.

In high school the Holy Spirit gave me a desire to be involved in ministry.  After high school I attended Word Of Life Bible Institute where, at their missions conference, I gave my life for full time over seas missions work.  I then followed the Lord to Moody Bible Institute where I studies music for three and a half years.

My second semester at Moody, 2007, I was looking at a map and realized for the first time how huge Russia is and how little I know about it.  I remember thinking, “Russia’s so huge yet I don’t know anyone from Russia or any missionaries to Russia.”  Within the week I was sitting across the table from a girl who said she was a missionary kid from Russia.  That got my attention!  After that point, Russia kept “coming up” in conversations, classes, and conferences.  I learned that immigrants from Russia were actually living on Moody campus.  The Lord then used a Russian language class I took to grow my love for the people and culture of Russia.  In Spring of 2009 I told God, “I will take the next steps in preparing to go to Russia but God, you have to keep convincing me that this is where you want me!”  The protection and provision of God have been so clearly present through this whole process.  I know that God has called me to go to Russia and be Christ to the people there.


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