Prayer Please

Thank you for praying for David and Alesia!  They are  back in Tambov and had a good visit in the states.

Please pray for the Garrison family.  They are on my team here in Tambov but are having so much trouble with documents.  Please pray for guidance and peace.  Pray for their document issue to soon be resolved.

Kola is a teenage boy in a university here.  He is an orphan who aged out of the orphanage where he met some of my team members.  This young man is never without a big grin!  What a joy he is to be with.  But he has some influences in his life that discourage him from coming to church.  God is clearly at work in his heart, please pray that Kolia will give into the loving call of His savior.  Please pray that Kolia will give his life completely over to Jesus.

Sergei is a man that I met two years ago when I visited Tambov to consider working here.  He had repented then and had a job and a home after being homeless and penniless.  Now Sergei does not meet with Jesus disciples on a regular basis and is homeless.  He is holding a job but is not motivated to do what he needs to get a home.  It’s hard for me to pray for this man because I go right to the urgent need, a home.  But I do not think his physical comfort is God’s biggest desire.  I believe God has a much bigger plan for Sergei, to know His savior an the great love that God just wants to poor out on Him.  Please pray that God’s relentless love will capture Sergei giving Him purpose and hope.

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